Car window stickers – Do they work?

car window stickers

Car Window Stickers

Do car window stickers work as a promotional product? Yes, absolutely, at Blue Panda we have been supplying car stickers for over 10 years! In fact they are more popular now than ever before!

Car window stickers are definitely a must-have product  for all car sales forecourts.   Window stickers provide an easy, quick and cheap opportunity to advertise your business into the future, every single time you make a sale.   Firmly attach your company’s logo to the rear window and watch your mobile advertising drive away, it’s as easy as that!   Your colourful, smart window sticker is promoting your good name and reputation all around the district. By choosing an eye-catching design (we can help you with this), you are sending a message to all future and potential customers – something along the lines of  “I got my awesome motor here…..”, “Like my car?…I love it! – go to”. It  really is worth thinking about a great strap line as this can work to cement this message in your future customers’ minds.

Car window stickers are also fantastic products for sports and hobby clubs.  We have printed window stickers for a number of cycling clubs, running teams, martial arts clubs, car fan sites, VW clubs  – the list goes on and on. These stickers are proudly stuck on by the club members and give great exposure to the clubs. They are also a perfect gift for new members.

Window stickers are also brilliant for small and large scale sporting events. Let’s be honest, if you have just fought in your first tournament, run your first marathon or completed a triathlon, you are going to feel amazingly and deservedly proud of yourself.  Will you want to tell the world?  Of course you will, human nature dictates we love sharing good news!  A car window sticker received at this point in time is very likely to be stuck in the window immediately.   The bonus for the advertiser – great promotion for the next event.

Car window stickers are also fabulous festival items.   Festivals have become more and popular in recent years, and just like the sporting enthusiasts, the festival goers will be more than happy to display the iconic festival image in their cars or campers,  whilst providing the festival with free and continuing promotion for the next event.  You can’t beat free nationwide window space!!  This is a jewel for promoters.

Local political parties are always after more exposure and promotion – window stickers that can be stuck in the home or in the car are absolutely ideal for this. At Blue Panda we don’t take sides – and have produced quality stickers for all the major political parties in recent years:)

Double sided window stickers are another great seller, we have printed 1000’s of these for pub and restaurant guides, website companies that advertise local properties, and car breakdown companies.

Blue Panda’s car window stickers are just brilliant quality – we  use the best inks, the best machines and the best technology to produce perfect stickers every time. We can screen print in up to 6 spot colours and now offer digital printing in full colour process.

We can print onto clear self-cling or clear self-adhesive material – to find out more about these materials click here.

So, if you are thinking about a new promotion and want to get your logo and message seen by many, car window stickers could be the perfect tool for you.  Come and have a look –

Our happy window sticker customers include –

Local Campaigns

MOT centres
Alarm Providers (car & home alarms)

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