Car Window Stickers – Self Adhesive or Self Cling?


Car Window Stickers

Car window stickers are a fantastic promotional product – We have sold literally millions over the last 10 years and we are very proud of the amazing quality of our stickers. We alway use the best vinyl material and inks available on the market – Which explains why our customers come back for these again and again.

Below are a few commonly asked questions

One of the most common questions we get asked is “What material should we have?”.

“Which material?”
In order for car window stickers to be stuck on the inside of the window and seen from outside, they need to be printed in reverse onto clear material. There are 2 different material types available for this that we at Blue Panda offer.

Self adhesive is the most popular material that our customers use with their stickers. The adhesive is semi-permanent and can be taken of the window very easily. If the sticker is left on for a long time, it can leave a slight residue that is easy to remove.

Self cling uses static to cling itself to the glass. It has no glue and the same material is used on the out edge of round tax disc holders. Lots of customers also opt for this option. In order for car window stickers produced in self cling to cling to the glass properly, the window needs to be perfectly clean.

“How many colours should I print?”
As car window stickers are printed on clear material, and most screen printing inks are not opaque (inks are transparent) you will more than likely need a white back-up printed too. This counts as an extra colour print. The following inks are opaque and can be used to back-up a sticker – White, Silver and Back-up yellow (this special yellow’s closest match to a Pantone is 108c).

“What do you mean by on the calculator?”
Our window sticker prices are based on the size of the sticker, simply multiply the length by the height of your proposed design to find out your – i.e. 13x10cm = 130sq. cm.. The prices are based on square cut stickers. There is an option on calculator for various circular cuts (more info below).

“What does die cut mean?”
On our calculator we have options for certain “die cut” sizes. If you are having square cut stickers these can be cut simply on a large guillotine. Circular or shaped car stickers need to have specific cutters made – this is what is meant by “Die Cut”. We have several stock cutters at different diameters and these are what are shown on the calculator.

“The round sticker sizes are in the wrong price group?”
“I want a 95cm diameter sticker, when I multiply the width by the height it comes out at – 90sq. cm. but the price is actually shown in the “up to price”….. why is this?”
Sorry this can be confusing, but when die cutting (cutting circular or shaped) stickers there is a certain of amount of material required around the shape. This extra material has been included when working out the prices and put into the correct price range.

car window stickers

Car Window Stickers

“Can you print in full colour”
Yes, we can absolutely – and they looked fantastic. We now printed these digitally, now that the technology has caught up with screen printing and the price has dropped considerably over the last 3 years.

“Do you match to Pantone colours”
Yes, for spot colour printing, we will match as close as possible to your required Pantone colour.

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