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 Earth Friendly Reusable Printed Bags! Our Eco bags are high quality & long lasting. Printed with your logo & design - with nice and big print areas for maximum impact for your brand!

Our printed Eco Bags are all reusable products which can be kept by your customer for repeated future use. These earth friendly eco printed bags all have a large print area which makes for maximum impact, once printed. These branded bags are ideal for long term promotional use, especially the printed Jute and cotton Jute bags as these bags are made to last! Your customers will be using these for many years to come, with your branding on display each time.

Our recycled printed PET bags come in a variety of colours so are perfect for colourful, fun campaigns & high visibility promotions. We have many bags available, for your perusal - from our cotton shopper bags, cotton drawstring bags and cotton shoulder bags, to our canvas, jute and recycled PET bags. All our bags are great promotional printed products, and are ideal for exhibitions and for holding additional promotional goods. Printed eco bags are also perfect if you are considering a package of eco friendly / recycled goodies for your potential clients or members.

Printed eco Bags are one of the longest lasting promotional products, with the largest potential for repeated use. They might seem a pricier option to begin with, but it is worth considering how many times they may be used into the future. Every time your bag is taken out, your brand is displayed again, possibly to many different people each time. These are durable quality printed gifts and are perfect for businesses, corporate events, the educational sector, councils, festivals. Especially if you want to promote an earth friendly image for your business or club. We all need shopping bags when we go out, so these aren't just look good promo gifts, or fun gifts to be enjoyed for one day. These are long lasting, quality printed products that will maintain your brand exposure or your message over the long term. Brand awareness is something that almost creeps up on us, it doesn't always need to be showy or dramatic, it just needs to be there, over time. Our printed bags provide a wonderful way of achieving this, for a very reasonable cost.

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