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 Printed jute bags are biodegradable, strong, reusable and look great. Your customers will love these gorgeous bags!

Jute is 100% biodegradable, sustainable and recyclable. Our Jute bags also look brilliant, especially when printed. They are very hardwearing and so are great value too. The year of 2009 was named the International Year of Natural Fibres, by the General Assembly of the United Nations. This helped to raise the profile of natural fibres, including Jute. Jute is grown in Bangladesh and India and has little need for fertiliser or pesticides (unlike cotton). It grows during the Monsoon season and so makes use of the water provided by nature. According to Wikipedia, Jute is the 2nd most important vegetable fibre in the world (after cotton). The demand for Jute has risen rapidly during the latter half of the last decade and it continues to be a popular ethical choice for many customers and businesses.

Our printed jute bags look fabulous, are long lasting and are bound to be appreciated and used by your customers into the future.

It's hard to explain just how good these jute bags look once printed. They really are quality bags and all colour prints suit the natural jute colour of the bags. Your design will transform these bags into something you can be proud of and which your customers will use for many years to come. Brand awareness is an incredibly important factor for all businesses, and by choosing a promotional product that is of such great quality, you are making a great decision to promote your business right now and also repeatedly over the years.

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