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 Printed t-shirts are amazing giveaways, ever popular and always relevant. Charities realised this years ago, making the most of online sales campaigns to boost their revenues! The potential of t-shirt branding is huge!

We are proud of the t-shirts in our collection, which we have selected because of their quality and style. Our customised t-shirts are available in a huge range of colours, enabling you to coordinate with your existing colour scheme, and any other printed products.

All our t-shirts look great as they come, in plain colours or white, but they are transformed once printed with our customers' designs! Honestly, in our humble opinion, printed t-shirts are the ultimate promotional product. They generate high profits for our customers and are a very cost effective way to advertise.

Your t-shirts can be printed to look anyway you like - with bold designs, subtle images, funny designs and logos, simple logos, colourful large prints, serious messages, literally anything. Printed t-shirts are popular with all ages, and are ideal for mass marketing because of their low cost.

Printed t-shirts are perfect for customising for resale at retail clothing stores and boutiques - your design and branding makes the t-shirt totally yours. Printed t-shirts are the ideal branded item and are more popular than ever with all major sports brands, designers and high street stores selling their own customised, branded t-shirts.

Our budget t-shirts are great for giveaways and are often used for sports events, along with mugs - another one of our bestsellers. Triathlons and many race events utilise the popularity and low cost of printed t-shirts to provide every competitor with a reminder of the event to take away with them. Competitors love receiving their printed race t-shirts, and will wear them to other similar events, giving your race lots of extra publicity.

T-shirts are also perfect printed products for sports clubs, leisure clubs, hobby clubs and societies. Many of our customers come back for much larger t-shirt orders once they see how popular their customised t-shirts are.

Charity t-shirts are a big seller in recent years. Printed t-shirts are often designed by charities and then given away at events, or sold to raise monies for campaigns, both locally, in the UK and worldwide. Sales of printed charity t-shirts have raised phenomenal sums of money recently, and have been brought to market by very successful social media campaigns. If you offer your supporters the opportunity to buy your charity t-shirt, you will gain a larger group of followers and supporters because buying a t-shirt is an affordable, fun thing to do. You're not asking people to run a marathon, or take part in your actual event. You're simply asking them - do they support your campaign? Would they like to help? Your charity t-shirt provides the answer and solution to both these questions. By buying your printed t-shirt they are supporting your charity, campaign or event. People love buying printed t-shirts, especially charity t-shirts, as indicated by the growth in online sales of charity t-shirts.

And t-shirts aren't just good for charities. Printed t-shirts are a great way to raise extra awareness for all kinds of campaigns, whether it be political, social or health related. Whatever your cause is, you should be selling a printed t-shirt with your message on it!

The low unit cost of our cheaper t-shirts makes this a very viable option, and can be a good way of raising funds and raising your profile over the long term.

Choose from 100% cotton, or our sports materials, such as our cooltex t-shirts. We have many well known brands, such as Adidas, Gamegear, Gildan, Hanes, Jerzees and of course Fruit of the Loom. As stated above, our t-shirts are really brilliant for businesses and clubs, and remain popular giveaways at races and sports events.

If you have any questions about your products or branding design, please do get in touch... click here to contact us.