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 Pencil Sharpeners are always handy items, and are necessities in many workplaces. Brand them with your logo for maximum long term advertising.

If you are considering small promotional items then look no further. Pencil sharpeners are handy, well used products, that are likely to be kept for years to come. The Era-sharp pencil sharpeners are definitely Blue Panda's favourite, without a doubt, as the addition of a rubber is incredibly useful. Kids love these because they look and feel great. These are easy to hold and use, and are very popular in attraction gift shops, where they are snapped up by kids and adults alike! We also have our canister pencil sharpeners, which are great for printing on, and are very practical too. There is also a choice of novelty shaped sharpeners, such as the pencil, pyramid, round and wheelie bin shaped sharpeners. These add an element of fun and are always well received.

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