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 Printed stress toys are really popular with universities and businesses. These are fun, colourful and addictive!

Printed Stress toys have been around for a number of years now, but their popularity remains. These products are absolutely impossible to resist if you spot one on a desk! They are so tactile, and also look great. Another of our products that will be kept for many years, and so provide very successful long term advertising. We have many shapes of stress toys available including the balls, globes, animals, football, heart, house and van shapes. Our favourites are the animals, particularly the cow and pig because they are such lovely natural shapes.

Also, with its dual purpose, the Stress chair and mobile phone holder is a definite winner. We have one of these stress chairs in our Blue Panda office, it has lasted for years, still looks new and is extremely handy as well as looking fun. Printed stress toys are here to stay, and we are very proud of our interesting range.

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