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 Branded USB sticks are brilliant for businesses, and not just those in the IT sector. USB sticks are an essential desktop item for all staff and students.

Our range of USBs sticks provides a promotional nod towards our technological world. These are incredibly useful, and provide long term advertising. If you are gifting these, you will be totally spoiling your recipients. Printed USBs are perfect for the corporate gift area and ideal for giving to major clients to remember you by.

As items for re-sale, USB sticks provide great retail mark-up opportunities, either as branded or plain stock. We particularly like our Twister USBs, which mean no more lost caps! (Our Twister USBs have an integral cap, to protect the USB when not plugged in.)

All our USBs look very professional when they are plain or printed, but printing really transforms them into your Company's own product. Having these kinds of products personalised to your specific brand sends out a very positive and professional business image - essential when promoting your services in the corporate world.

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