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 Lanyards are a must for exhibitions, events, the travel industry and all company representatives. They look amazing once printed and your logo will be displayed throughout the entire event.

Lanyards are ideal for exhibitions, events, the travel industry, corporate businesses and education. We have 3 types of lanyards available - polyester lanyards, ribbon lanyards and satin lanyards. All of our lanyards can be branded with your company details and are available in many colours.

Our lanyards look really great as they come, but they look amazing once they are branded, and are consistently well received by our happy customers. Printed lanyards are an essential item for displaying identity and allowing admission to events and businesses. They are often overlooked as methods of promotion, but if you consider the amount of time these are worn by their owners, they really are a perfect way to display your brand and promote your business.

Printed lanyards are essential for all community workers, and are very popular with local councils and the NHS.

If you need a pouch to go with your lanyards, please choose this option on the product page.

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