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 We are a nation of tea-drinkers, so mugs are always going to be one of our bestsellers! Print your mugs with your design and you're guaranteed long term promotion, plus happy customers and staff!

We are proud of our range of earthernware mugs, and find that our printed mug customers return year after year to stock up. We feel that this is evidence that mugs are brilliant promotional products, and current research supports this too. Mugs are one of the promotional products most likely to be kept by the receiver.

Mugs are one of the best promotional products we know of at Blue Panda, they really are perfect as a printed gift. Everyone uses mugs, and if you had the chance to peek inside your friends' kitchen cupboards we bet you would find various printed mugs! These are recommended as one of the best gifts to give, simply because they are useful, as well as looking great once printed. We are a nation of tea (and coffee) drinkers and our personal mug collections are testament to this!

Add to this the fact that most individuals also drink hot drinks during every single working day, and you have doubled your opportunity to promote each printed mug you give out. Large corporations are proud to gift printed mugs to their employees and customers, because they know the longevity of advertising and brand support that these products have.

Mugs are suitable for every kind of business and are especially popular for sporting events, particularly distance events where mugs, and also printed t-shirts, are given to every competitor as they cross the finish line.

Our printed mugs really are premium gifts, to be cherished for years to come. We have earthernware, china and plastic mugs our collection, so we have a mug for all occasions!

Mugs are great promotional products because they have a large print area and as we have mentioned, they are of course inherently useful. Our sparta mugs have a classic shape and are one of our most popular, as well as our cambridge mugs, which also have an large print area. Our bell mugs have a lovely shape and are very aesthetically pleasing, looking great in all colours, especially once printed.

Mugs are one of those products that are totally transformed once printed, and our customers are always so pleased when they see the finished results. These products may seem pricier to begin with, compared with some of our giveaway promotional products, but if you consider how long mugs will last and how many times they will be used, the potential exposure of your brand on a printed mug really is amazing! Please have a look at our range and contact us with any questions you may have, we are always happy to hear from you.

If you have any questions about your products or branding design, please do get in touch... click here to contact us.