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 Printed fridge magnets are traditional promotional giveaways, but are more popular than ever. Great for advertising local services, you can hand out your magnets at local events and to all your existing customers.

Fridge Magnets are consistently one of our biggest sellers. These are available in so many shapes and can be as colourful as you like. If you order over 2500 printed magnets, then we can make them to any shape you like! The possibilities are endless!
Printed fridge magnets are handy, useful and long-lasting. These products are useful in the home and office, use them on their own, as colourful additions to your fridge, or use them to attach reminders, kids artwork, posters, appointments, tickets, etc...
Fridge magnets are one product that are likely to be kept by both adults and children of all ages. They are perfect for all advertising campaigns and are increasingly used by traders and engineers to remind customers of their services. Printed fridge magnets are ideal for displaying your details on household appliances, for repair services. Many repair service providers leave printed magnets on repaired and serviced appliances, making their business the likely call for future work.

Printed fridge magnets are small, and easy to transport, so they are incredibly handy promotional items to have to hand at all times, to give to your customers. They are low cost and are a perfect way to remind your customers of your services throughout the year. As well as being a low cost printed product, they also last a very long time and so provide huge marketing potential for your brand. They are perfect for spreading your message and campaign.

Some of our clients have recently purchased packs of fridge magnets containing different designs, to giveaway as gifts for children as part of an extended marketing campaign. This is a brilliant way to use the fun aspect of printed magnets.

Our bottle opener magnets are very handy to keep on the fridge too and are perfect gifts for adults, as part of your promotional campaign.

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