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 Customised clothing works well for business uniforms, team kits, sports and hobby clubs. Selling printed t-shirts is also a brilliant method of raising funds and raising your profile. Charities love printed t-shirts!   click on a product to see full range 

Printed Promotional Clothing is ideal for charity events and corporate clothing for staff members. Printed Te shirts are ideal for school PE Kits, sports clubs, businesses and charities. Printed clothing, branded with your designs - ideal for retailers and fashion brands. We have a great range of printed t shirts and printed hoodies. Our printing and embroidery are fantastic quality and our prices are competitive. Our printed and embroidered clothing range is expanding all the time, and our clothes are available in a large choice of colours.

We also have organic printed t shirts - please ask for details of this range of printed clothing.

Branded clothing is great for staff uniforms and will promote a smart business image and show off your brand!

Printed t-shirts are perfect for mass promotions and merchandise at large events like sports races and triathlons. By giving away a printed t-shirt to every competitor you can ensure ongoing promotion of your event. Your t-shirts will be worn and re-worn all year round, and often will be worn to similar events thereby advertising your event to your potential customers. Printed t-shirts are a fun, cost-effective way to advertise and your event will benefit from the extra promotion your branded t-shirts will generate over the long-term.

If you're promoting charity event, custom t-shirts are ideal. Printed charity t-shirts are more popular than ever and can retail at high prices, both online and at your events, helping to generate extra profits for your campaign or charity. People are often more willing to buy a charity product like a branded t-shirt, rather than to make a plain donation. By wearing your printed charity t-shirt, they are promoting their involvement with your cause, and giving you extra publicity. For local events, you can advertise your promotional t-shirts using social media, in order to reach higher numbers of people. This way, you have a product to sell and your market opens up significantly. People can contribute to your campaign by buying a printed t-shirt, and they don't even have to enter your event or race!

Not everyone wants to get so involved, but they might be happy to buy a promotional t-shirt instead. Printed and embroidered caps and hoodies can also be ideal to sell to raise extra funds and awareness. Printed clothing has been widely used as a fund-raising method by celebrities in recent years. Printed clothing is great for large campaigns because they are low in cost, easy to re-sell with a high-mark-up, plus they are easily distributed. Just look at the amount of retailers selling custom clothing online - it's a fantastic way to raise the profile of your brand and your message.