Promotional Products – Do They Work?

Promotional Products

Printed Promotional Products Do Work!

Promotional products do work! In a recent article (January 2013), The British Promotional Merchandise Association confirmed that customers do buy from businesses that have given them promotional gifts.

They also stated that 94% of people remember a business that gave them a free promotional product, and this memory often lasts more than six months. This is fantastic news for users and buyers of promotional products. Perhaps even more astonishing is the news that two-thirds of recipients of promotional products actually keep their gifts for over six months. This indicates the high value of promotional gifts for businesses using them to increase and maintain brand awareness.

The same report cited that nearly half of those questioned said they like receiving promotional goods, and would be happy to receive them more often, especially if they incorporated an advertising message.

Contrary to what some of us may believe, nearly 98% of respondents agreed that promotional merchandise is purposeful, and not wasteful, with a key factor being a product’s usefulness.

Interestingly, over 50% of the business people surveyed admitted to having at least 3 promotional items on their desk, at the time of questioning!

These results confirm that promotional products continue to be a vital part of marketing, with over 38% of people confirming they’re more likely to buy from a business that has given them a gift, than from those that haven’t. This may sound obvious, and it is really, but the crucial point here is recognise the value and impact of promotional products.

In the same article, Neal Beagles, the chairman of the BPMA is quoted as follows, “These results show that promotional gifts are liked by people in business, but also that they keep a brand or message front of mind.  By exposing customers and prospects to a company logo or message time after time, brand recognition is reinforced and that leads to sales. So promotional merchandise has a direct and unequivocal influence on our decision-making process when we are ready to buy and so has impact on the bottom line.”

These findings are in keeping with that of a study in 2011, which noted that mugs were the products kept longest by people, followed by USB sticks and pens.

Neal Beagles also commented, “This survey has again confirmed how effective promotional products can be.  Not only is it welcomed by recipients, but it demonstrably affects their purchasing behaviour by acting as a reminder of any given company or brand and making them more likely to be chosen over a competitor.  Customers that already know about your business are far easier to sell to and so keeping in touch is important.  Promotional merchandise enables companies to do this at relatively low-cost in comparison to other forms of advertising.”

At Blue Panda we welcome these facts, although not entirely unexpectedly. We have been supplying printed promotional products for over 10 years and we were one of the first distributors in Bournemouth to promote our products via our website. This statement seems almost bizarre now, when online trading has reached unprecedented levels in the UK. Our recently updated website is now our sole trading platform and we are extremely proud of where it has taken us. Our longevity is a testament to the high levels of service we pride ourselves on, and the fantastic products we offer (which are often picked for their usefulness – a key factor for the retention of such gifts).

We believe in the power of promotional products to transcend all areas of business. We also believe promotional gifts are vital for growth, and for raising and maintaining brand awareness into the future. Our clients come from businesses, educational establishments, councils, schools, political parties, NHS Trusts, sports clubs, hobby clubs, and sports event organisations. There really is no limit to the ongoing usefulness of promotional products in promoting an idea, event, business or campaign.

One of the best things about promotional goods is their affinity for small or mass marketing.
We really do have products suitable for every business, every budget, every time of year, for every occasion conceivable. If you have something in mind, but can’t find it on our website, please get in touch as we have many many sources and can’t display every available product as the list would be endless! We’ve tried our best to include all the ‘go-to’ products that we’ve found to be consistently popular over the years. Our vast experience has taught us what works, and why, and we have many loyal customers as a result.

Our customers often, but not always, know what they want, and have a clear idea of how they want their campaign to take form. Our skills, at Blue Panda, lie in providing good customer support, clear information on products, realistic timescales, and the best artwork you will find – honestly our studio really is that good:). Brilliant artwork has a big effect on the eventual impact of the finished, printed product, and is one of the most important parts of the whole process.

Well designed, useful, beautifully printed promotional gifts – lead to product retention, ongoing promotional value and customer memories of that business, it’s message and concept. Promotional products are often under-appreciated and undervalued, when in-fact they could be your biggest asset. The promotional budgets of the big players are an indication of the acknowledgement of the power of free gifts! Believe us, it works.

Please have a browse through our vast product range and use our instant pricing tool to start planning your promotional campaign today!

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